Peach Wedding Cake

Peach Wedding Cake
Painted on blossoms

To Fondant or not to Fondant, that is the question.

I am often asked what is "Fondant". Well Fondant is not butter cream icing. But what it is, is a very soft, pliable sugar based rolled out dough, that is formed over a butter cream iced cake. It has a taffy like, mild vanilla or almond flavor. My Fondant is soft and delicious. It's very smoooth porcelin like finish is what the in-style bride is looking for. And it's abilities to be made into any shape or design is almost endless. It's so versatile and durable, its perfect for the High Standards of creativity, that our Southern Utah brides, puts on us cake decorators.
I have made everything from fondant roses, orchids and callalilies to "Mad hatters & Whimsical fairy tale" cakes to nature's "Grand Canyon" and "Zion Canyon Walls". It is simply amazing what can be made by talented hands and sugar. It is only limited by your imagination.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet and elegant Cake for a lovely Bride and Groom. Thanks guys and Best wishes.
Here's sweet cake I did for the Ledges Bridal Show. What fun it was. Brides tried on Dresses, have their hair and make-up done. And then have professional pics taken by some of the best photographers in St. George. And then they got eat some of my cakes. The cake flavors were Strawberry cream with strawberry filling anf cream whip icining. And Chocolate Fudge Cake with chocolate fudge filling and chocolate butterecreamicing. And then I have Sour lemoncake with lemon pudding and citrus buttercream. Everyone said they were delicious. This little spring cake was made with multi-colored green fondant sticks surrounding a beautful 3-tier stacked creation and decorated with fresh yellow daisies. Simply Springy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This was an amazing and fun cake I did for a lovely couple who were both teachers who taught in China for 2 years. They had a Chinese theme wedding reception. I hand painted the Dragon and bird, which represent the bride and groom. I also did a Pagoda on the top with a "Double Happiness" symbol. The gate represented their starting a new life together.
All real Cake except Pagoda top.

Totally Awesome!!!
Yvonne...Thank you for our beautiful wedding cake. It was amazing & perfect. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you. We loved it so much. Thank you Whitney & Austin Minefee

The ever changing taste of the new brides. Here is a Chocolate Fondant Cake with Chocolate Fudge Cake on the inside, it was divine.

This is a January cake with fondant and sugar crystal covering the whole thing. The shape of each cake is called "girdling" . This reception was at the Switchback Grille in Zions Park.

This is a lovely square, 3-tier smooth fondant weddingcake with a salmon colored ban. Flowers are Gerber daisies, roses and stock. This was at Sunbrook Golf and Recreation center. This style has been a favorite by bride and is requested often
Pretty Pink handmade sugar roses and white lilies.
This is one of my favorite!!
Yvonne...Thank you again for the beautiful cake. It was absolutely perfect, and tasted wonderful. Also we appreciate your willingness to do it on such short notice. Good Luck with your business, although from what we've seen you won't need it. Thank you again Karah & Connor Brandt

Yvonne...We just wanted to Thank you for the beautiful cake that you made for wedding. It was better than we ever imagined it would be, it really was our dream cake. Everyone loved it. Thank you again we truly appreciate it!

Sincerely Derek and Jessica McAllister
Wedding cakes are my passion and I love what I do. Making a bride's face light up when she first sees her cake is the best feeling the world. Here's a little note from a happy customer.........

Yvonne...Thank you for doing our wedding cake. You did an amazing job! We absolutely loved! It turned out even better than I thought it would. I'm so glad I got to know you. Thank you again for all the time and energy you spent making our cake. Jessica & Jeremiah Meacham

Bridal Cakes by Yvonne

So the world want to know more about me and how I became a talented cake decorators and baker.
Well, believe me, there is much more to Yvonne than first meets the eye, but first I will tell you how my cake creating skills came about me..................Long, long ago when I was a very young girl, I was surround by wonderful a extended aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents and so on. Well it is during this when I discover I had artist talents. I drew pictures and sketches and eventually began oil painting. I soon found that I had knack for art. Also doing this my Aunt Lucy, Grandma Wyant and Cousin Carolyn were busily learning the art of cake decorating. My extended family were already great cooks and bakers which go back generations into the Pennsylviania Dutch territory.
My great Grandma Rerrick had a large boarding house and cooked everyday for sometimes 20 to 30 men. They loved her cooking. Many of those great recipes have been passed down to me and I still use them today. Anyway, much of my baking skills come from my Grandmother Wyant & Aunt Lucy who continued to make huge family dinners & picnics with lots and lots of delicious food. Grandma's cakes were what everyone looked forward to at the end of a big event. Always moist and scrumptous it was to die for. Anyway Grandma decorated her cake beautifully too. Her buttercream roses and lacey design always brought ooohs and aaaahs. Grandma and Aunt Lucy were always asked to do wedding cakes for friends and family. And so their fame grew. It was during my young teen years that I begged to learn all Grandma and Aunt Lucy knew, and so I started making, baking and decorating cakes when I just 13. This is where my cousin Carolyn came into the picture. She became my best friend and learned along side me. She also went on to start her own wedding cake business as well and lived in Santa Maria California. Over the years, I learned so much from her and I owe her my greatest gratitude. She is Awesome. I also owe my Grandma Wyant & Aunt Lucy much graditude, for their patience, love and experience. Not to leave anyone out, I owe so much to my mother. Although she's not the greatest cook (gotten much now) she is a terrific artist, and I grateful to her for her encouragement and sending me to art classes. So now you can see how and where I get my talent from. I made my first wedding cake more than 20 years ago. And much of what I've learned in the last 20 years has come from books and trial & error. It has been a fun and terrific journey.