Peach Wedding Cake

Peach Wedding Cake
Painted on blossoms

To Fondant or not to Fondant, that is the question.

I am often asked what is "Fondant". Well Fondant is not butter cream icing. But what it is, is a very soft, pliable sugar based rolled out dough, that is formed over a butter cream iced cake. It has a taffy like, mild vanilla or almond flavor. My Fondant is soft and delicious. It's very smoooth porcelin like finish is what the in-style bride is looking for. And it's abilities to be made into any shape or design is almost endless. It's so versatile and durable, its perfect for the High Standards of creativity, that our Southern Utah brides, puts on us cake decorators.
I have made everything from fondant roses, orchids and callalilies to "Mad hatters & Whimsical fairy tale" cakes to nature's "Grand Canyon" and "Zion Canyon Walls". It is simply amazing what can be made by talented hands and sugar. It is only limited by your imagination.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuxedo Wedding Cake

This cake I made for the Bridal Show at the Tai Pan Trading Company for the Bell Tower Display. I really love the stark black and white look of it. It really says class.

Jesslynn's Sugar Flowers ...Tiger Lilies, Orchids,daisies and blossoms.

Animae Dragon and Sugar Flowers

There comes along a bride every now and then who has very different tastes than the traditional bride. Jesslynn Hughes is a big fan of Animae, and her and her new husbamd wanted a unique design that depicts who they are. Along side this cake you see a statue of a mystic woman in black and a white dragon. This represents them and who they are. They designed the style and added the dragon logo on each tier to make it completely their wedding cake. They insisted the flowers made all sugar, there were tiger lilies, blue blossoms, white daisies and white orchids. All made by your truly. You should have seen the jaws that dropped when this cake came strolling in at Jesslyns, 's mother residence, where the reception was Washington Fields.

Red Callalilies and Ivory Drapes

This Cake looked amazing at the Bell Tower. This cake was made for Emily Wariner & Kia Thomas Anderson. They are such a wonderful couple, they really deserve to have a beautiful wedding and wedding cake. This is the second cake I've done for the Wariners. These red callalilies looked fantastic on this white fondant cake with ivory colored drape..very classy!

The fun and inventive way of doing a wedding cake is catching on again..this is Kourtney Aldous & Jake Millard's cupcake wedding cake. It was a delightful display at their reception at the Villa Gardens. Their reception was beautiful and the cake/cupcakes certainly fit in. They had 3 cake French Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge and Purple Velvet..Mmmmm, it all was so yummy.

Jessica Myers Dream Cake

This gem was an amazing cake for me. I absolutely loved doing the painted on blossoms. I knew it would be a challenge for me because of the height of the cake tiers, and yes it is all cake but the little short tier was foam. Jessica wanted all real and she got it. Her reaction was just what I expected..over joyed..and she said it made all the stress go away, that she was having. What a wonderful thing to say.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This little jewel was a real challenge. The bride wanted a Damask look, but she wanted a unique look instead of the stencil look that everyone else is using. So I hand painted a stylized design on all 4 sides. The design matched her look that she used throughout her reception. Everyone including the bride was amazed by this beautiful cake. And I was very proud of my finished work. Definitely an art piece.